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Writer's Block: Are you afraid of the dark?

Anything involving death via suffocation trips me out big time, so along that line, my ultimate biggest fear of all time is the concept of being buried alive.  I can't even watch shows or movies where a character is buried under the ground - not like cave-ins, I can do that for some reason.  The actual image of being placed inside a coffin and buried freaks me out.  I literally have a list of protocols that must be followed upon my death that my family and friends are aware of, not the least of which is cremation and spread out into the wilds.  That's just the end of the process, lol.  I will not ever, ever, ever risk coming to consciousness inside a box!

On a completely different note, I'm also afraid of moths.  There's no logic behind this fear, and I like butterflies just fine, it just is what it is, lol. 

Writer's Block: Hand me a tissue, please.

I live in WA.  Sometimes when the sun hasn't come out for weeks, I get a little sensitive over everything.  Last time I cried was during one of those moments when I got all paranoid that I had said something to chase away the friends that keep me going through the darkness.  Lucky for me, they're the forgiving types.  I couldn't survive the winter without them!
When was the last time you cried?

Writer's Block: R.I.P

What do you want done with your body after you die?
Oh!  I actually have very explicit, written directions for this that've gone out to my friends and family that might have to deal with the process.  I wish to be embalmed, beheaded, cremated, and my ashes spread out all over the place for the universe to do with them what it may.  Why?  Because my absolute greatest, nothing compares to it, the thought of it makes me want to puke fear is the thought of being buried alive.  I know that's pretty much unrealistic in any fashion nowadays with our advancements in medical technology, but I want everyone to be 100% certain, without any doubts possible, that I am dead, dead, dead!  And even then, I will not have my body going under that ground!  No, sir!  Let me fly freeeeee!!!!!!!!!


Just playing with crossposting from my Dreamwidth account. Yes. I joined another writing community. *sigh* When will I learn?

Writer's Block: Love to hate

Who are your favorite television or movie villains? What makes them so deliciously evil?

Max from The Losers (movie, not comic), for shizzle.  He's just too damn immaturely funny to not like as a villain, lol.  He's fun to write, too. :)

I also had a thing for Scar from The Lion King.  Don't really know why, he just looked cool and I loved the accent.

And....Tyki Mikk from D.Gray-man.  He's just really frakkin' sexay!  Plus, he kinda sometimes shows a good side in there.  Sometimes.  *shrug*  He's hawt.

Does Zuko from Avatar: The Last Airbender count?  I mean, he started as a villain, so I guess it should kind of count.... I loved him before he became a good guy, too.  I like the emotionally torn up kind that have potential for good.